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Use First Labels - (50mm) Soluble Adhesive

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Use First Labels - 500 (45mm) soluble adhesive


Defrost Label


Defrost Label

Our budget black and white Defrost labels make it easy to ensure correct stock rotation of defrosting product.

Defrost labels have permanent adhesive (not for use on cambros). Wipe water or ice off the bag before applying.

Our PERMANENT adhesive labels are slightly cheaper than our other ranges, and are perfect for certain applications where removal of the label is not an issue. For example, they are perfect for sticking onto boxes or bags, and are great for sticking on bags of defrosting food (just wipe the ice and moisture away from a small area first). The labels are difficult to remove and will leave a glue residue on containers, so are not ideal for Cambros or tupperware tubs etc.

Several of our labels are available in normal and mini sizes, depending on the amount of information you need to write on them. We can manufacture labels to suit your needs using most combinations of adhesive and materials, in sizes and colours to match your design. Our design service for labels is FREE and we do not charge for tooling. All we require is a mock up of the label you need, showing size, adhesive type, label material and colours. We would need a copy of your logo if you want that included too. You can either email your request to [email protected] or give us a call if you wish to discuss your requirements further.


2 Pocket Label Holder

Code: AH255

2 Pocket Label Holder

Suitable for 2 x 45mm label rolls (E.g. 1 x Use First + 1 x Defrost or 1 x Combo Day Dots).

This polished edge acrylic label holder will keep your labels organised and in good condition

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