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Physique Range

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Physique offers the largest range of flat pack counters for portable marketing. Physique is available in two specifications to give the same end look one with fabric and one with graphic.

MDF Freestyle
Constructed using MDF tambour wraps and finished with a textile fabric covering. These counters have a load bearing weight of up to 75kg

Physique Pole Graphic
Constructed with a unique twist and lock aluminium pole system. Once the poles are in place they allow the application of your graphic direct to the unit.
There are three exceptions to Physique in the counter range:
Lunar Lite which is a low cost lightweight counter option using a plastic tambour wrap.
Physique Contour which is a professional hard-wearing PVC tambour based counter.
Physique Tube Lite which is available in six standard shapes with 500/550 micron thickness wrap to give a lightweight support.

Optional iPad holders available for most counters. Products come with a bag where marked.